Bogdan's Story

My name is Bogdan and I live in Romania (Europe) in a city named Iasi.
At at age of 25, I decided to correct some crowded teeth in my upper arch and had 2 premolar extractions with edge wise. 
Before the treatment I was quite a handsome man with a forward protrunding chin, good mandibular definition and quite a wide, and square face. 
After 2 extractions and 27 months of treatment with edge wise my face changed significantly: retracted chin, sad eyes, no mandibular definition, nose, sinus problems and breathing problems, smaller, longer face and I looked like an old man.
In 2 years I got completely changed by the orthodontic treatment. I even began to develop depressive symptoms ( imagine looking in the mirror and seeing an old man instead of a well defined, young face)
I contacted the famous John Mew from England and he said the orthodontic treatment was wrong because my dysfunction was in the maxilla ( the maxilla was smaller than the mandible thus the crowded teeth) and the orthodontic treatment enforced that dysfunction and thus made the mandible retract and adapt to the new situation. The retractive forces (edge wise) introduced in the mouth made it even worse. 

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