Dr. Theodor Belfor

Dr. Theodor Belfor invented the Homeblock Appliance, which stimulates maxillary and facial growth.  He discusses how crucial the growth of the maxilla is not only to nasal breathing but to overall health.  If the maxilla is undergrown, either through poor oral habits, through poor nutrition or through cervical headgears, a person's breathing will be compromised.  

The Homeoblock is based on research on intermittent forces applied to the maxilla.  The research showed that these forces signal maxillary growth centers to grow.  When the maxilla grows, the nasal airway grows with it.  Adults use the Homeoblock as an an appearance-improving and anti-aging tool, people with sleep apnea use it to improve their breathing and it is also recommended for children with crowded teeth, because when the maxilla grows, as Dr. Belfor puts it, "the teeth go along for the ride."




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