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Hi, my name is Omar Lalani.

I am currently volunteering for Right to Grow as its manager.

You can reach me at [email protected].

I started this organization with a few people who share a story similar to mine:

An orthodontist changed the course of each of our lives by giving us a headgear - an appliance designed to stunt the growth of the upper jaw, which determines the size of the nasal airway.  For a reason that is no longer mysterious to us, we all have smaller breathing passages than we were intended to have, conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and a similar thread in our life story.

We are here to stand up, inform the public that such practices are going on today, and to ensure changes are made for future generations so what happens to us never happens to anyone again.

We believe that orthodontic work should be rooted in science rather than a set of beliefs.

We believe that patients should be informed of all risks that certain treatment brings, and the ability to make an informed decision is a patient's right.

We also believe that routine extraction of healthy teeth, and pulling a child's upper jaw backward into their airway is no different than an assault.

Our message to the orthodontic world is 100 years old and we are calling for an end to the war between the extractionist and the expansionst.

A child's jaws and dental arches need to expand in order for her airway to grow.  This is about breathing and the foundation of life.


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